Items To Consider Before Joining A New Hunting Lease This Fall

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Have you given any thought to joining a new deer hunting club this fall? Well if you have, finding a lease should be pretty easy because they are quite popular. However, if you want to get the most satisfaction from your hunting club, it's important that you take the time to pick the right one.

At the very top of the list of considerations for your new hunting club should be its location. Even if there's a club which has consistently monster-size bucks roaming their lands, you probably don't want to travel over eight hours to get there. Don't take what I am saying the wrong way, if you have both the time and the money for long distance hunting trips... then go for it. Although, most people simply don’t have the time or the gas to invest into such trips.

While selecting a hunting club, check and see if any of your friends or relatives will join with you. If your buddies join in the same club, everyone can ride together and split the fuel expense.  It is always a much more enjoyable time when your friends and family are there to share in your hunting experiences.

Other than location, another important factor you should look for in a hunting club is the price. The majority of hunting clubs charge a membership fee that is valid for one full year at a time. Remember to do your shopping and not just join the first club you find. You'll soon find out while shopping them that cost of membership varies between clubs. Also, the leaseholder or landowner may quote you a specific membership fee, but that does not mean that he will not work with you on price. Negotiate with them and see if there is some leeway when it comes down to the price.

Every hunting club offers a different type of terrain. If you are a tree stand hunter, then you will most likely want to find a property that has plenty of tall timber. You do not want to limit yourself to ground hunting if there are no trees to hunt from. Conversely, if you enjoy still hunting through the woods, then trees are not your primary concern but an overabundance of thick vegetation and underbrush is.

Your number one priority, I am sure, is to find a hunting club that actually has big bucks on the property. Individual deer roam within a one mile range and unless they are totally spooked out of an area, they should be found on the property. Ask the owner of the club if you can scout the land before signing a deal. Look for scraps, rubs, shed antlers, droppings and any other sign of deer.

You'll likely have lots of options open to you when looking for a hunting club. Some advice, if you want to get the most bang for your membership buck, you will want to follow the pointers listed here. Picking a new hunting club is easy, but joining one that improves your odds for shooting a wall hanger is hard.

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Items To Consider Before Joining A New Hunting Lease This Fall

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This article was published on 2012/07/30